Shooter Performance Institute was created to provide the highest level of specialized training to members of our military and law enforcement agencies.  What started out as a focus on marksmanship training (pistol, carbine and long rifle) quickly expanded into other areas of training such as breaching (mechanical, ballistic, thermal and explosive) and medical aid.  To keep our teams focused, we first created four (4) lanes of curriculum….

The Tactical Engagement lane is responsible for developing a curriculum supporting Pistol/Carbine Marksmanship and Close Quarter Battle Courses.

The Long Range Target Interdiction lane is responsible for developing a curriculum supporting Medium/Long Range Rifle Courses.

The Dynamic Precision Entry lane is responsible for developing a curriculum supporting Mechanical, Ballistic, Thermal and Explosive Breaching Courses.

The Emergency Management lane is responsible for developing a curriculum supporting all levels of Medical Aid Courses.

With the curriculum in place, the next step was to locate personnel with both real world and classroom experience to deliver each course to a wide range of customers.  As you will see on our “About’ page, we have assembled a team of instructors with a tremendous amount of experience in each of their respective fields.

The last step in the process was to decide which business model to follow…bringing the customers to a fixed location or taking the training to their location.  In this world of ever shrinking training budgets, Shooter Performance Institute has adopted the Mobile Training Team, MTT, model of bringing the instruction to your training facility, thus reducing T&E costs associated with a course.  In return to hosting a SPI course, we provide the host agency slots in the course at no charge.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if your department and/or agency is interested in hosting such a course.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how Shooter Performance Institute can help you and your team meet it’s training objectives.

Stay safe.